How To Master Your Mental Game From Every Angle in As Little As 4 Weeks -- Even If You're Not Sure Where To Begin!
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deliver your work consistently
Promote yourself boldly
fight through challenges
Stop Waiting: Make things happen 
"This is basically topping on ice cream for me, I resonate with the things i have been reading from the books so far. On chapter two right now!! By applying the first chapter i have noticed changes and a shift in the way i talk to myself adding two to three positive when one negative thought comes out. Excited to read , learn and apply." - McPhil
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4 books to cover every aspect of how you think, perform and see yourself
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the Bulletproof Bundle will help you to... 
  • Put yourself "out there" boldly... 
  • Show up DAILY to do your work... 
  • Keep going -- even when things aren't working... 
  • Make things happen -- and stop waiting for things to happen... 
  • Experience your highest-ever confidence level... 
  • Stop following and start leading... 
  • Eliminate self-doubt... 
  • ​Become immune to negativity... 
Bulletproof Bundle by Dre Baldwin
"A year and a half later I would like to thank you for your words of hope and to say that I just passed the exam and I'm already a lawyer. It was your words of confidence that, as strangers, had the greatest impact and helped me to overcome defeat and to continue working to achieve today's victory! God bless you!" - Lili
hurry -- life is not waiting for you to catch up!
Proof That the Bulletproof Bundle Has ALREADY Dramatically Created results And changed the Lives Of thousands Around The World:
Bulletproof Bundle by Dre Baldwin
Dre Baldwin, Author
From: Dre Baldwin
Miami, Florida

Are you looking for a proven method to master your Mental Game?

do you wish you could stop doubting and second-guessing yourself?

Would you like to be a person unaffected by setbacks and failures -- someone who can keep going even when things don't look so great?
the shape of your Mental Game determines the shape of your life.
The impact that your presence has in life is built on the way that you think and how you choose to see yourself. That impact can turn you from a failure to a success, constantly remind you of your personal power, inspire and create change, or more… 

But, ONLY IF you activate yourself from the inside-out to be who you need to be, can you affect the people whose lives you have been called on to change.
  • The Bulletproof Bundle will help you be the most dependable and consistent performer in your business, team or circle of friends... 
  • The Bulletproof Bundle will help you believe in yourself so strongly that your Confidence will transfer to others...
  • The Bulletproof Bundle will help you become so Mentally Tough that no set of circumstances can shake you... 
  • The Bulletproof Bundle will help you be The Initiator who brings new energy to every room you enter... 
As Friedrich Nietzsche once said:

“In nooks all over the earth sit men who are waiting, scarcely knowing in what way they are waiting, much less that they are waiting in vain. Occasionally the call that awakens—that accident which gives the “permission” to act—comes too late, when the best youth and strength for action has already been used up by sitting still…"
In life, you will ultimately be judged by the results you produce -- the Bulletproof Bundle is your guide to becoming a results-producing machine.
dre baldwin Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"
*** If You're Sick And Tired Of Hype-fest motivational talks, B.S. quotes And Claims You See Online Lately, Then take in these Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real users...
What You'll Learn in the Bulletproof Bundle 
The Mirror Of Motivation: the self-guide to self-discipline
  • Knowing What You're Up Against [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • Stepping Up You Personal Belief [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • Using Your Pain As Motivation [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • Picking Yourself Up Mentally [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • How To Stop Seeking Approval [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • Being Willing To Stand Along [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • ​Developing Your Internal Motivation [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • ​Building Vs. Destroying [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • ​Defeating Others' Negativity [Mirror Of Motivation]
  • ​Erasing The "Bad Movies" Of Life [Mirror Of Motivation]
The Super You: unlocking and living with your highest level of confidence
  • Becoming The Highest-Level You [The Super You]
  • Keeping Your Confidence Up-To Date [The Super You]
  • Be Your Own #1 Fan [The Super You]
  • Building Confidence From The Ground-Up [The Super You]
  • Projecting The Results Of Your Confidence [The Super You]
  • ​Making Your Confidence Real [The Super You]
  • ​Removing Your Confidence Weak Spots [The Super You]
  • ​Confidence Over Skill [The Super You]
  • ​Carrying Confident Energy Into A Room [The Super You]
  • ​Bringing Your Visions To Life [The Super You]
100 Mental Game Best Practices: your tools for playing the most important game there is
  • Locking In On Your Goals [Best Practices]
  • ​Personal Development Immersion [Best Practices]
  • Focusing On Your Strengths [Best Practices]
  • Taking Ownership and Control Of Your Time [Best Practices]
  • Avoiding Excuses [Best Practices]
  • Making An Accomplishment List [Best Practices]
  • ​Stop Asking Permission [Best Practices]
  • ​Appreciating Yourself [Best Practices]
  • ​Assessing People Quickly [Best Practices]
  • ​Your Mind-Body Connection [Best Practices]
The Mental Handbook: The Guidebook to Applying The Bulletproof Mindset To Sports And Life
  • Feeling Left Out? [The Mental Handbook]
  • Handling External Doubt [The Mental Handbook]
  • Handling Nervousness [The Mental Handbook]
  • Trash Talk [The Mental Handbook]
  • Imposing Your Will [The Mental Handbook]
  • ​Creating Mental Challenges [The Mental Handbook]
  • ​Controlling Your Fear [The Mental Handbook]
  • ​Hesitation and Boldness [The Mental Handbook]
  • ​Dealing With Hoplessness [The Super You]
  • ​Motivating Your Team [The Mental Handbook]
Best excuses were my being born and raised up in poverty, dysfunction, addictions, as "daddyless" w/o parentally guided preparation and support for career and financial success (insert breath here;). While its all my real life circumstances and true that brokenness and poverty mindset are ridiculously significant challenges that many of us experience and need to breakthrough and overcome; "best excuses" is my punny humor of an oxymoron b/c we already know that there are no good excuses for real-- just monuments to nothingness, as you shared-- i appreciate that too! Absolutely believe, we WILL HAVE, DO and BE ALL that we mentally ( then physically) prepare, practice, reproduce, and appreciate fully!! Always much thanks, for your messaging!

- Teaira Scott
I’m really really excited! Cus Sunday I got tryouts for the basketball team. That means really much to me, I want to do it my life!But! I was lacking confidence and your podcast made me literally on fire! Today I shot 4/5 3-pointers. I worked for it, I invested in the training and there you go. Shout out to DreAllDay, Thank You!

Greetings from Peter Moravec, Netherlands
Dre, first thing first, I recently ordered your autographed book work on your game I expected just a name signature. What I received was a personal note, that means a lot to me and I appreciate it a ton. Secondly, about a month ago I finished my power limited apprenticeship as an low voltage electrician and received my state license. Now my boss wants me to start running work, he said my biggest weakness is confidence. I ended up stumbling into your podcast, trying to find a way to work on my mental game, a lot of what you talk about on a daily basis I find a way to apply them to my personal and work life. All in all I really appreciate what you do, you have made a difference in my life. Thank you keep doing what you do, I’ll keep listening, reading and working on my game!

- Ryan Ringwald
My name is Carson Riar and I am a 16 years old basketball player from Canada. I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the content you have produced and the valuable information you have shared with me and the rest of your audience. It has helped me build confidence and develop new skills in my game. I too have aspirations of playing professional basketball in Europe and I am working towards that goal everyday. Thank again and I look forward to listening to your upcoming podcasts.Keep it up Dre!!

- Carson Riar
Dre, The life I decided to create when we talked is coming into being every day. I've created a contract and sent it off to someone on Monday. I'm firming up pricing tomorrow with a mentor. In the meantime, I got another request via Facebook for my services and I have had multiple people refer to me as "the expert" online lately. It's all coming together like you said! I listen to your podcast every day and am so incredibly grateful. You're the best. Thank you for changing my course by pushing me and challenging me. I honestly don't think I could have heard it from anyone but you at that point.

- Jean South
Hey Dre, I just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help on reaching my goals, almost 2 years ago I set out the goal of winning a national championship and I did just that this past month. For these past 2 years I really focused in on myself and really worked on getting better each and everyday. I lived by your philosophy and now because of that I’m a national champ. Thank You so much for everything Dre And it’s only the beginning 🤩

- Adam Murphy
Dre knows his stuff! I’ve been watching his YouTube videos for years and been subscribed to his podcast for a little over a year, no way I’d be where I am today without him!

- Genki
As You Can See...
Dre Baldwin & The Bulletproof Bundle Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
As you already know, your Mindset isn't a luxury. Having your Mental Game on-point is NOT something get around to when it's convenient. 

Mastering your Mindset is a requirement for success, the very foundation of everything you plan to achieve. 

And time is NOT waiting for you to catch up!
the mental is to the physical as 3 is to 1. 
But... I get it: you're not sure it will be worth the time or the effort. 

You don't know if you're capable of becoming a Mental Game Master-- or, if doing this will even help you in your situation. 

Here's the good news though: you already have Discipline. It's how you ended up on this page, and it's also why you've read this far. You believe there's something out there for you. 

All you need is a clear path to follow -- and now, you're looking at it. 
Here's what your future looks like:
  • You're GETTING MORE DONE, every day.
  • You have the CONFIDENCE that compels people to follow you.
  • You're IMMUNE to the despair, worry and fear that saps the life from most people. 
  • ​You're MAKING THINGS HAPPEN rather than letting them happen. 
  • ​You are THE MOST DRIVEN person anyone knows.
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

You're on the clock. Life is short. And you don't know how much time you have left to make the most of your talent & opportunity. 

If this page is still here, then the Bulletproof Bundle is still available. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
Here Is Your "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this Bundle, or I'll return your $49 AND let you keep the books anyway.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me and I'll give you your money back with no questions asked.

Fair enough?
 your time is truly Limited, So Claim Your Bundle Now Before They're All Gone...
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the Bulletproof Bundle!

Dre Baldwin
P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you a 4-book set, "The Bulletproof Bundle" (that retails at $119.96).

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